Friday, February 21, 2014

What's the Big Deal with King James Onlyism? - Dr. James L. White

Sam Gipp has recorded a very nicely done video that is simply filled with errors--errors historical, errors logical, errors factual, errors biblical. Let's begin the process of setting the record straight.

Part 2

Continuation of our response to, and rebuttal of, Sam Gipp's KJV Only presentation.

Part 3

Continued review of, and refutation of, Sam Gipp's KJV Only video.

The KJVO debate White talks about that took place on the John Ankerberg Show is here:

Listen to Dr. White debate King James Onlyists
Is the KJV the Best?, July, 1999 vs. Thomas Holland, Indianapolis, IN
Is the KJV the Best Translation?, vs. D.A. Waite, 1994

Formal Picture of James WhiteJames White is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, a presuppositional apologetics organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. He received a BA from Grand Canyon College, an MA from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a ThM, a ThD and a DMin from Columbia Evangelical Seminary (formerly Faraston Seminary),[1] an unaccredited distance-learning school. He has served as a professor of Greek, Hebrew, systematic theology, and various apologetics topics at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary's extension campus in Arizona and the Columbia Evangelical Seminary.[2] He is also a critical consultant for the Lockman Foundation's New American Standard Bible.[3]

White is an avid debater, having participated in over 100 public moderated debates,[4] covering topics such as Calvinism, Roman Catholicism, Islam, Mormonism, the King James Only movement, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Atheism. His debate opponents have included scholars such as Bart Ehrman, John Dominic Crossan, and Marcus Borg and popularizers such as Dan Barker and John Shelby Spong.[5]

White has also been an elder of Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church in Phoenix, AZ, since 1998.[6]

He is married to Kelli and they have two children; a son called Joshua and a daughter called Summer. He also has one granddaughter called Clementine born in December 2012.[7]

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