Monday, February 18, 2013

Heterosexuals Inspiring Pride

I found an image from on a new Facebook friend's timeline. It seems to promote a great message.

Some examples:

Some info-
Sentenced to 327 months-



  1. WELL, EXCUSE ME? I find this an offense to my FRIENDS. You can insult me (a bisexual person) all you want, but you don't TOUCH my friends. What's so bad about being gay, HUH? Just because you're gay doesn't automatically gay mean you produce/masturbate to child pornography. I know some REALLY NICE people who are gay, and someone who's trans! In fact, everyone who has EVER insulted me have been STRAIGHT! Maybe gay people are NICER! I know I probably sound like a triggered Tumblrina, but...YOU DON'T INSULT MY FRIENDS.

    1. Also, I'm an atheist, so who cares about Hell? jfc Jesus died in 30 C.E. get over it