Thursday, February 21, 2013

Christians Beaten for Worshipping in India

Anti-Christian Violence Spreading Across India « Persecution News

Anti-Christian Violence Spreading Across India

ICC Note:
Two more incidents of anti-Christian have been reported coming out of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Hindu nationalist groups like RSS are stoking religious tension into outright religious conflict. Two pastors were attacked and beaten in separate incidents this week. In each case the pastor was arrested and jailed after being beaten. In both cases the Hindu radicals broke into the homes of these pastors. Are pastors in India safe?
2/21/2013 India (AsiaNews) - Two more anti-Christian incidents in Madhya Pradesh illustrate the latest trend among Hindu fundamentalists. In addition to filing false charges over forced conversions, they are now attacking Christians in the privacy of their homes even though "praying in one's home is not a crime," Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) Sajan George said.
Pentecostal Christians were attacked in two separate incidents on 16 and 18 February. Last Monday, members of the Hindu ultranationalist Bajrang Dal stormed the home of a man, Hiralal, in the village of Roshni, where they beat up Rev Iliyas Buck who was leading Bible studies. After the attackers called police, the clergyman was taken into custody and charges of forced conversion were laid against him. He was eventually released a few hours later.
Last Saturday, Hindu nationalist from the Bajrang Dal and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) broke up a prayer meeting in the village of Gulai. After beating up the clergyman conducting the service, Rev Isaac, they took him away later in the evening to Khalwa where they resumed their beating. Later, they handed him over to police who kept him in jail overnight.
Although the Indian constitution recognises freedom of worship, incidents of this kind have become more frequent across the country.

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