Saturday, March 23, 2013

Personhood passes both houses of the North Dakota legislature!

We Did It! History Had Been Made!


We did it! After four years of hard work pro-life personhood legislation has passed both houses of the North Dakota legislature! This means that North Dakota is only a popular vote away from being the first state in American history to ban abortion!

This has now set up a nearly 19 month battle that will lead up to the final vote which will take place in November 2014. The state legislature has proven that the people of North Dakota stand on the side of life, but you can bet that the pro-abortion machine will be unleashed like never before. We need to sprint across the finish line and that is why we need you!

In order to make North Dakota the first state in American history to completely ban abortion, we need the tools to fight back against the ruthless attacks of the pro-abortion left that have already begun. In fact the ACLU has already begun organizing a local chapter to fight us in North Dakota. They are preparing and so should we. The backbone of our defenses is our LifeGuard membership club, and now has never been a better time to sign up.

Click the image below to become a LifeGuard:

By committing to a donation of $10 a month for one year, you will be joining the ranks of concerned citizens across the nation who will not rest until abortion is outlawed not on'y in North Dakota but all of America!

We are at a history changing moment in the history of the prolife movement and we MUST capitalize on this major victory in Bismarck. So join us, step up to the plate, and become a LifeGuard today!

For Life,

Keith Mason
Personhood USA

PO Box 486, Arvada, Colorado 80001
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